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Sentinel Keylogger

Sentinel Keylogger

80.00 $

You can assume Sentinel is based off AutoLOG, the best keylogger even seen
on Ranger-exploit,b wouldnt be right. Sentinel — in the truest of sense, is
the continuati of AutoLOG in a new form and entity. AutoLOG, which had
moved mountains in terms of updates and achievements, paved the path with
innovations of possible functions, and was delivered with flawless perfection
every single time. It has set ahead inspiration for several loggers to work on
incorporating similar functions to compete with it. Although weVe been
challenged time & time again, we now re-emerge out of the shadows, to retake
the top, in the form of Sentinel, a keylogger that’s going to shoot up the ranks
and build even further on the legacy of AutoLOG

License Duration 3 Months

Product Description

Sentinel Keylogger

Sentinel has been developed with months of care
taken into account and has been tuned to suit the
marketplace to the best of its interests. An advanced
keylogger, with over a 1 00 customizable functions —
anywhere from HotLogging to Screenshot Logging. We
promise to deliver more than any other competitor on
the market, and our legacy speaks for itself. We are
now back on the market and intend to remain here to
serve all of our customers.

With the advent of an onslaught on NetSeal for being the face of licensing on Ranger-exploit, we had to face the inevitable
our licensing closing down with our 3k+ userbase. However, we figured out a solution and now have imported all data that is
needed to migrate licenses. AutoLOG has been revived after a few months of inactivity, and we are back – stronger than ever.

AutoLOG has been up and functional for years – the longest running keylogger with the
largest user-base till date. Sentinel, in essence is AutoLOG revived.
The time of copy-pasted .NET keyloggers is over. Sentinel is a no dependencies logger and the
first successful logger written in AutolT & Python.
Sentinel has multiple keylogging methods and features a strong & persistent keyboard hook
which will record every keystroke typed.
ntinel presents a compact, lightweight and 90% FUD stub so that you can infiltrate any com-
puter, undetected.
Sentinel is the only keylogger which presents a mechanism to bypass IJAC and achieve
admin rights on a single user-mode execution.
ntinel has specific options to target Steam Clients – by stealing all SSFN, config, vdf and
associated files or by hard resetting the steam rofile to record user input.
Fully undetectable office exploits ranging for DOC, XLS & PDF files offered alongside
Sentinel packages
ntinel has powerful mechanims which will render your stub process IMMORTAL and as
such it cannot be terminated from the tar com uter.
A new mechanism introduced by KeyBase to specifically log & highlight certain keywords
within the log file, with the intent to make them stand out as high priority items.
We provide a variety of indisposable features like a silent/visible website viewer, and a web-
site blocker to suit the best of your needs.

License Duration 3 Months
Additional Information

Additional Information

License Duration

3 Months



License for

1 PC

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