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orcus-rat orcus-rat

Orcus RAT

70.00 $

Reliability, stability, that’s our goal. We offer a feature rich remote administration Orcus RAT tool with great support.


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Product Description

Frequently Asked Questions
In this section we will try to answer the most frequent questions

In which programming language is this software written in?
Orcus is completely written in Visual C#. The used IDE is Visual Studio 2015 Community and the GUI framework is WPF.

which dependencies does Orcus require?
Orcus is not just one application but a lot of components which require different environments. The administration requires the .Net Framework 4.6.1, the GUI server the .Net Framework 4.5, the console server also requires the .Net Framework 4.5 but is mono compatible so it will also run on Linux/OSX systems. For the client, you can choose between the .Net Framework 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5. The Android app requires Android 4.4 or greater.

Is Orcus malware?
Orcus is not malware. Orcus is a remote administration tool which supports administrators to watch their computers. We don’t support any kind of illegal use. When you install Orcus on your PC, you have to agree that you don’t use Orcus for unauthorized access.
We support developers, you can find detailed tutorials about almost all plugin types in our developer section. Also, if you have any questions or if you need any assistance, we will be glad to help you.


Remote Desktop
File Explorer
Registry Editor
System Restore
Device Manager
Startup Manager
Event Log



Basic information about the client (operating system, language, privileges, path, ip address, …)
Uninstall, Kill, Make Admin
Update from file (TCP), update from url (HTTP)


Show the applied settings


Show all plugins loaded or failed to load by the client

Active Connections

Show all UDP/TCP connections of the client’s pc
Show the process which opened the connection


Get a lot of information about the client’s pc
Categories: Operating System, System, Bios, Hardware (Processor, Videocard), Software, Network (local addresses, geo location data), Drives


Recover passwords from famous applications (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, FileZilla, Internet Explorer, JDownloader, Opera, Thunderbird, WinSCP, Pidgin, …)
Recover cookies from webbrowsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex)


Performance graphs for CPU, Memory and Ethernet


Begin a support chat with the client
Select between different styles (Modern (WPF), WinForms, Console)
Select window title and your name, prevent closing, minimize other windows, set topmost


Show/Hide taskbar
Show/Hide desktop
Show/Hide clock
Swap/Restore mouse buttons
Enable/Disable taskmanager
Block user input
Hold mouse
Open website multiple times
Change desktop wallpaper
Turn monitor off
Trigger bluescreen
Hang system
Shutdown/Log off/Restart computer
Rotate monitor
Let it burn (That will make a screenshot of the desktop, set it rotated as a desktop wallpaper and rotate the monitor. Then it will hide all desktop icons and taskbar so it looks like everything is right expect the rotated cursor)
Change keyboard layout to QWERTZ, QWERTY or AZERTY


Set icon, buttons, caption and text of the message box, test it on your own pc and open it on the client’s pc

User Interaction

Text to speech (you can define the voice, the speed and the volume)
Open notepad with defined title and text
Open balloon tooltip (you can set the icon, the title, the text and the time it will stay open)

Volume Control

Set the master volume and the volume of the channels for a playback/recording device

System Code

Write and execute C# code, syntax hightlighted editor and live syntax error view
Write and execute batch code, syntax hightlighted editor and create no window option


Use the console like cmd, support for special characters (like umlauts)

Event Log

Receive system event log, application event log or security event log

File Explorer

Select drive or insert path directly, display all files and directories
Download, rename, create or remove files and directories
Execute files Upload files


Open/create/remove sub keys
List all values from sub key
Create/edit/remove String Value, Binary Value, DWORD Value, QWORD Value, Multi-String Value or Expandable String Value

Reverse Proxy

Use the client’s internet connection as a proxy


List all open processes
Kill process
Set process priority


Show all received key logs
Key logs are formatted by default so they can easily be read
Can be saved as html or text file


Take a screenshot
Select a monitor and start a live view
Control cursor and send keyboard inputs


Access the client’s webcam
Select a webcam, webcam resolution and transmission quality and start a live view

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