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Luminosity Link

Luminosity Link RAT

95.00 $

Connect. Control. Administrate.

Luminosity Link Workstation enables remote surveillance, security, and administration of Windows-based computers.

Powerful Surveillance features such as Remote Desktop, Webcam, Screenshots and Desktop Thumbnails.

Enhanced Security Protects against Unwanted Programs, Processes and Files.

Innovative Administration with Client Manager allows you to Manage Files, Processes, Connections and More!

License Duration: Life Time

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Product Description

Luminosity Link Lifetime License

Luminosity Link is an advanced administration tool that allows for complete administration, surveillance, and security of Windows-based computers. The software supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, Server 2003+, 32-bit and 64-bit. Luminosity Link contains many features, such as surveillance (Remote Desktop and Webcam, Thumbnails, Keylogger, Screenlogger and more), Security (Anti-Malware, Task Manager, Connection Viewer), and Administration (Registry Editor, Window Manager, Startup manager, Remote Desktop management.)

Luminosity Link is designed for ease of use, and includes many resources and tutorials to guide you in using the software. Support is available free of charge via ticket system and email.

Your License is sent after 1 Bitcoin confirmation, or instant for Perfect Money Purchases. Your access to Luminosity Link never expires after purchase, and all updates are free of charge.

Features Include:


  • Download and Execute
  • Update Backup DNS
  • Update
  • Uninstall
  • Upload and Execute


  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote Webcam
  • Remote Microphone

Client Manager:

  • Client Specifications
  • File Manager
  • Task Manager
  • Window Manager
  • Registry Editor
  • Startup Manager
  • Command Prompt
  • TCP Connections
  • Saved Data
  • Clipboard
  • HOSTS File Editor

Client Grid:

  • View Thumbnails of Client Desktops and Webcams Live
  • Update Thumbnails at a specified Interval
  • Hover over a client thumbnail to view their active window
  • Right click to open Client Manager, Remote Desktop and More

Hidden Remote Desktop Manager:

  • Control clients PC from a new, separate session
  • Create, Modify, and Delete Windows User Accounts
  • Easy to setup and use – Tutorial Included

Reverse SOCKS 5 Proxy:

  • Utilize Clients Internet as a SOCKS 5 Proxy
  • Easily Administrate Clients Network
  • Works in all Applications supporting SOCKS Proxy
  • Bypasses Firewall – No Port Forwarding Required on Clients PC
  • Easily manage and export proxies

Smart Keylogger:

  • Logs all keystrokes within all applications
  • Specify Websites and Programs to Record Separately
  • Easily view Keylogs within the Keylogger Viewer
  • Search stored Keylogs
  • Automatically Upload Keylogs
  • Support for all foreign languages/operating systems


  • Protects Clients PCs from malicious software and unwanted programs
  • Manually blacklist programs and processes (for example: you may block torrenting software on clients PC)
  • Actively monitors filesystem and processes for malicious files, and items you have specified to block


  • Takes screenshots of clients desktop
  • Specify interval at which screenshots are taken
  • Built-in feature to view screenshots quickly and easily,

Download Manager:

  • Download files from clients PC
  • Supports all file sizes and filetypes
  • Fast file transfers (dependent on your connection)
  • Pause/Resume file transfers at anytime

Website Visitor:

  • Visit Websites on clients using different methods
  • Advanced Visit: Open specified webpage in Google Chrome or Firefox. The webpage will open in private browsing.
  • Hide Browsing Window, and close it after a specified amount of time

On-Join Commands:

  • Automatically sends commands to client when they connect
  • Large variety of options such as Start SOCKS proxy, Install RDP Manager, Download file, and much more
  • Send command to specific client

File Searcher:

  • Search for files on clients PC and automatically queue them for upload
  • Various search locations (all drives, my documents, desktop, etc)
  • Search for exact file name, or keyword

Crypto Currency Miner:

  • Supports Scrypt, SHA256 algos, and more
  • Custom Miner Support
  • Specify CPU Usage
  • Supports CPU and GPU Mining
  • Proxy Support
  • Update miner config at anytime

HTTP Control:

  • Send commands to client via HTTP (webpage)
  • Supports any webpage that is user-modifiable

Miscellaneous Features:

  • Smart Update
  • System Functions
  • Remote Scripting
  • Remote Messagebox
  • Remote Chat
  • Elevate Privileges

Web Browser Password Recovery:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Yandex
  • Safari
  • Opera

Email Client Password Recovery:

  • Outlook Express (all versions)
  • Windows Mail/Windows Live Mail
  • IncrediMail
  • Eudora
  • NetScope
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Group Mail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Hotmail/Gmail

By purchasing and/or using this software, you agree to the Terms of Service. These Terms are enforced; please read them before purchasing this software.

For support and questions, email support@ranger-exploit.com

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