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Imminent Monitor fud

Imminent Monitor

100.00 $

Imminent Monitor is extremely stable and you will no longer need to worry about losing any clients due to badly written code, crashes or error.

License Duration: Life Time


Product Description

Imminent Monitor can be customized to suit your daily needs, such as remote support, live forensics or even monitoring your children at home.

  • Stable
  • Fully Remote Access
  • Reverse Socks 5/4A
  • Keylogger
  • Password Recovery
  • DDOS

Remote Desktop, Remote Webcam, Reverse Socks 5/4A, Crypto Miner, Plugin System, Password Recovery, Remote Microphone, Remote Keylogger, File Transfer, File Manager, System Managers, Remote Chat, uPnP Support, Encrypted Connections, Connection Map, Torrent Seeder and more.

Remote Desktop

View and control your remote clients at high speeds exceeding 60 frames per second achieved by using our highly advanced motion detection algorithm.

Reverse Socks5/HTTP Proxy

Enable your client as a reverse proxy which combines your network with your clients, in order for full remote administration.

Live Voice Chat

Have a real-time voice call with your client to give the best quality remote assistance.

Plugin System

u want a feature that already isn’t in Imminent Monitor, that’s no problem! You can download user created plugins from the community. If you are a .net developer you can create and share your own!

Remotely Transfer Files

With our highly advanced file manager feel free to transfer files remotely no matter the size, Imminent Monitor can handle files of all sizes!

Friendly Support

If you need some help setting up Imminent Monitor, or are experiencing problems, we have a very friendly support team ready to assist you should anything go wrong.

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