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Exploit jar to pdf builder
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Exploit JAR to PDF Builder

2,500.00 $

By using this Exploit jar to pdf builder you can easily convert your jar to pdf.
It is coded by us from the early beginning and we use custom methods to provide a great stability for Windows, Linux or Mac.
Also the FUD is long in duration.
You can import every jar file and attach to any email provider out there available for everyday use.
Using Adobe PDF you get a huge rate of penetration success.


Product Description

Exploit jar to pdf builder is compatible for Windows, Linux or Mac: 32×64 bit

  • All adobe reader versions before 11.1.16
  • Best Results on AV 0/35
  • Small stub size
  • Compatible with RATs, Keyloggers, Botnets or any other jar file
  • Compatible with all email providers
  • Method : Embedded
  • Fully hidden & silent execution rate
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux or Mac: 32×64 bit
  • Read More & Video Demonstration
  • Encoded powered by python

Let’s see why you need Exploit jar to pdf builder. You can convert your jar to pdf supported file and send it through email providers with an ease.

The above pictures shows the main menu of the Silent Exploit jar to pdf builder . The tool is simple and easy to use.the malicious file is obtained and executed by an obfuscated Silent that is inserted into a jar to pdf document which the Exploit jar to pdf builder creates after a URL with the location and the name of the file are entered.

Both CVE combined so the execution rate now is great
this exploit comes with great features.

once it will execute your virus there will another pdf open automatically
and the second doc which will open once your virus execute , you can use custom content there
that mean your victim will see whatever you want them to see.

Also if you were looking for an Exploit or a method to spread, here is the best solution for you!Dont spend high amount of money with Exploits  that last only one or two months fud, with these exploits i guarantee it will have long-lasting fud and awesome spreading, just send a office document to your victim and thats all he got hacked and he dont even know he got hacked. Therefore bypass all antivirus solutions.
Support most of the malicous software (RAT & Keyloggers & Stealers & Downloader & Binder & Botnets) Also general software.

Also complete the payment through my website and receive it  in your inbox email.

 Buy now Exploit jar to pdf builder
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