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Cyber Seal Protector

Cyber Seal Protector

80.00 $

Tired of crypters that get detected in days or even hours? Well, search no more.From the coder of Saddam Crypter (best seller since 2010) I present to you my second project, CyberSeal, an advanced crypter built with over 5 years of cryptography experience assuring avarage FUD times of 2-3 weeks using advanced encrypting algorithms and private methods to satisfy even the most pretentious costumer. It comes with a friendly video tutorial to ensure a complete experience even for beginners. Experience the best available support given over 15 hours per day trough skype/ymessenger and teamviewer. What are you waiting for? buy quality or buy twice ! Get your own copy right now !!!

License Duration:3 Months


Product Description

Cyber Seal Protector is mainly an executable file Protector, although it offers many other functions. You can use it mainly to Protect an executable file, completely hiding its actual structure,code, and helping to protect it from being reverse engineered, analysed or cracked. Although your file will be totally Protected, it will execute and work just like before.

The program contains the fallowing options and many more.

  • Longest FUD times ever seen in a crypter.
  • High Quality Support.
  • Friendly tutorial.
  • Automatic Updates.
  • Inject in and drop to.
  • 4 encryption methods.
  • Hidden startup.
  • Extension Changer.
  • Persistence.
  • Scantime and Runtime.
  • Native and .Net support.
  • Binder and Icon Changer.
  • Process Protection.
  • Fake Message.
  • Downloader and More+.

For more info, add me on skype!

License Duration 3 Months
Additional Information

Additional Information



License Duration

3 Months

License for

1 PC

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