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Betabot builder


900.00 $

Coded professionally in C++, Betabot is the product of nearly a year and a half of hard work, long nights, and uncanny dedication. With the goal of creating a bot
with a very diverse list of functioning features for a more than fair price, wea€™ve searched high and low, talking to everyone possible to create the most appealing
and useful bot possible. All of our features work fully (except maybe the experimental Ruskill), nothing included is useless dead weight, and everything should prove
to work very efficiently and effectively.


Product Description

Betabot – Additional Features

– Multi Server Support for up to 16 different servers. Different configurations are possible for each individual server.
– Four different DDoS methods. Uses local information to attempt to randomize headers in HTTP Floods.
Rapid Connect/Disconnect
– Experimental Ruskill Using an active Sandbox-like, Beta Bot will attempt to sequester specified programs and roll back any changes made by them after running. This feature is currently in development and may not work on some bots.
– Form Grabbers When specified sites are detected, Beta Bot will pull any relevant forms as they are sent, and export details to the main panel. The use of wildcard masks are supported when specifying target URLs.
FireFox (Normal and SSL)
Internet Explorer (Normal and SSL)
Internet Explorer Formgrabber uses different locations for hooks when available to avoid conflicts with other 3rd party Formgrabbers.
– DNS Blocker + Redirector Without touching the HOSTS file, Beta Bot is able to block domains or redirect them. Entries are specified in the panel and formatting when doing so is identical to the HOSTS file format.
– USB Autorun When enabled, Beta Bot will add itself to any USB drive inserted into the machine using LNK-File swap techniques.
– SOCKS4 Server Turn your bots into dedicated SOCKS4 proxies. Supports UPnP.
– FTP/PuTTY Stealer Collects and organizes FTP logins from a large list of FTP clients as well as harvests live FTP logins as they happen in real time. The PuTTY Stealer works the same, collects logins live as they connect to SSH daemons via PuTTY.
– Various Rudimentary Antis To help maintain the integrity of Beta Bot and to protect various pieces of vital code, Beta Bot makes use of multiple anti debugging and anti dumping methods.
– Download / Update / Uninstall / etc Basic commands expected of all bots.
– Additional User Accounts Ability to create additional user accounts to access your panel. Fully customizable access levels.

Betabot – Future Features

– Skype Spammer Development is 95% complete and is fully working in stand alone form. Using Skype APIs, yet still bypassing Skypea€™s warning message, Beta Bot will spam the entire contact list of infected hosts.
– Fully Functional Ruskill The Ruskill included now is still in development and is considered to be experimental. It currently is known to ignore working completely on some bots (stability remains unaffected).
– Dynamic Configuration Allows you to specify new server entries for existing bots to use instead of the same static entries. If dynamic entries cease to work, will revert back to initial static entries.

Bot Persistence Betabot
protects all bot resources (Process / Files / Start Up) from removal or termination. Four different layers of protection shield your bot, and files can be considered extremely secure and highly resilient to removal. In the unlikely case the bot is somehow terminated, it will automatically be restarted.

Bot Killer
The next-gen Bot Killer in Beta Bot will successfully kill and remove all major malware you may come across when working with Install Shops and Pay Per Install ventures. The Bot Killer scans process and start up locations for suspicious entries. Also All injected code and encrypted files using Run PE methods with be terminated. However, removal of the physical source of injected code from the disk is not always possible.

System Wide Userkit (Ring3 Rootkit)
The use of a System Wide Userkit in Betabot greatly reduces the ability of PC users and usermode programs from removing the bot. Using hooking technology never before seen in usermode malware, Betabot is able to intercept any NT system service calls sent to block or modify access to any resources it chooses. This feature is to obviously hinder the effectiveness of bot removal. Additionally, Beta Bot is able to remove consistently 3rd Party hooks on critical functions and also restore its own hooks.

Custom Injection Techniques
Beta Bot incorporates three unique and custom methods of injection, including a new zombie process method. The bot is able to bypass even the most sophisticated Anti Virus Proactive Defenses and Firewall Restrictions.
A complete list of AVs and IS solutions bypasses by Beta Bot:

Proactive Defense Mode
Allows you to toggle whether or not Beta Bot actively defends against other bots installing and/or injecting into processes. When enabled, Also any bot reliable on a Run-PE  will be blocked from working. Most, if not all, injection methods are blocked as well. It even has the ability to block some bots before they can even install.

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