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Google Hacking Tricks

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Google Hacking Tricks

Google Hacking Tricks

Google has it’s own advanced way of Processing Search Queries than how we think Google Search works. If we use how it works then we can get more accurate search results so that we don’t have to spend long time to get the file or info. Which ultimately saves a lot of time.
So to use Google a better & way we should know the tricks on Googling as it would save a lot of time with less effort giving the best results.Knowing Google Hacking Tricks and using it makes you one step ahead of others & cheers to that. ?

Below are the top 10 quick and easy Google Hacking Tricks that makes Google Search very Easy and Fun – – –

#1,  Site Search:

You want to find info about iPhone 8 on the apple.com website, The usual search would be
| “iPhone 8 Apple” or “Apple iPhone 8” or “apple.com iPhone 8” |

Any of the above search will return thousands of results and most of those would not be from apple.com
Now, if we use Google operators, the result can be simplified a lot. In this case we would use “Site:websitename.com YourQuery” in our case “site:apple.com iPhone 8
This will give results only from apple.com, and the number of search result will be reduced in a huge number,so you get what you want in a very short time.

#2, File-type Search:

This will let us look for specific files like .pdf .mp3 .docx .png

So filetype: Jio Offer.pdf would give all the PDFs available as Jio Offer
Likewise, filetype: Yellow.mp3 Will certainly give mp3 download links fro Yellow Song.

#3, Price Range:

If you are looking for a mobile of your budget, instead of using unsure hashtags / terms, we can use
mobile rs5000..rs 10000” This will give results only holding mobiles between 5,000/- to 10,000/-
* Let’s suppose you don’t want to see mobile of Samsung then the search would be “mobile rs5000..rs 10000”  “samsung

#4, Downloading Movies / Videos:

This is the easiest way to download a movie without facing any ads, with this trick we can directly download our desired movie from the server in two or max 3 clicks.

Normally we search “Download Sultan hd 1080p, 720p” etc etc and the process goes on for at least 30 minutes to get a High Quality movie link.

Here we will use “Index of./Sultan.mkv 1080p” – this search will only show the Direct Download link where these movies are located/indexed in a server.

Hit a try ? and see how faster it is to download a movie .

#5, Related Query:

When you want an alternative site or product instead of breaking your head trying multiple Search Queries, You can search with the tag Related

related:facebook.com” will give you social media sites similar to facebook.

#6, Time of Sunrise & Sunset in your City:

If you have any confusion about Time then surely you can ask google.
sunset sunrise ‘your city‘” – hit search

#7, Comparison between two Objects:

If you wan to compare two products or any other thing, Goole is there to help. Lets suppose you want to compare between Apple 5 and Appls 7
The Query would be “samsung s8 vs iphone 7

#8, Google Fun Features:

Google Underground

Google gravity, Underground Search , IP Locator, Game, Terminal , Mirror
Visit the link  Check out all by yourself and enjoy Google Fun features.

#9, Type “Blink Html” and see what happens

#10, Flight Status:

Check your Flight Status, Simply put your PNR number hit search, let Google do the rest
Click here to watch a demo

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