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Ranger Exploit Community is an one of a kind corner to get simple and yet effective exploits for your own personal needs.
We aim to provide high quallity exploits with friendly and professional support.
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By using this Silent Word Exploit Builder you can easily convert your exe to doc, Bypass all antivirus solutions!


If you determine an error, you can report this. We fix this error as soon as possible.

By using this Silent Pdf Exploit Builder you can easily convert your exe to pdf, Bypass all antivirus solutions!

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Guided by a team of Experts in Exploits Industry, we value your opinion and code exploits you ask more.

By using this Silent Ppt Exploit Builder you can easily convert your exe to ppt, Bypass all antivirus solutions!

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Every members informations and files are securely stored in our servers to make sure only you have access.

By using this Silent Excel Exploit Builder you can easily convert your exe to xls, Bypass all antivirus solutions!







What is it?

Silent office exploit Exploit is a software which contains hacking exploits, you can turn your exe into a office document.We have office silent exploits that work on all office versions and windows versions and also we have silent office exploit.

The best choice for you

If you were looking for silent office exploit or a method to spread, here is the best solution for you! Don’t spend high amount of money with exploits that last only one or two months fud, with these exploits i guarantee it will have long-lasting fud and awesome spreading, just send a office document to your victim and that’s all he got hacked and he don’t even know he got hacked !

No Antivirus detections

The exploits don’t have any detection by antiviruses , even if your exe has a lot detection if you bind your exe with our exploits it will be fully undetectable, dont spend your money on expensive exploit. Check the antivirus scans of exploits in our pages.

Great tools designed for Experienced & new users.

Easy to use Builders coded especially for new users into hacking industry who try to achive their goals in no time. Get the best of us today. Contact us now.

Silent Builder Office
Save Time

Use our great exploits and save time in every way with buying tools from us.

Great Capabilities

We deliver a great tools with tons of features ready to use so you can achieve your goals in no time.

On the cloud

Upload your server online in any wesite you want. Paste your direct link in our custom GUI and you are ready.

Absolute Zero-Day

We have spent hundreds of hours coding your next exploit. Make sure you buy today one of the best available tools on line and start your career.


Exploits are fud and when they run they execute the exe silently and the victim will not notice anything.


There are silent office exploit builder for any microsoft office extension and windows version.

Easy to use

The builder silent office exploit is very easy to use and is user friendly. Also very stable and reliable.


You can sirectly send exploit via email or spread via social networks. The builder also contains an mail sender.

Ranger Absolute Zero-Day™ Exploit Exchange is an

exclusive club of buyers and researchers that focuses only on premium, legitimate exploits.

Silent exploit

As a prospective buyer, you must request access to the Absolute Zero-Day™ Exploit Exchange. Upon approval, you will be able to connect with our team to communicate your needs. This is not an online portal; this is a premium network.

  • Silent Exploit

  • Macro-Exploit

  • 0-Day Exploit

  • Word Exploit

  • Excel Exploit

  • Pdf Exploit

  • CVE-2016

  • CVE-2015-1650

  • CVE-2012

                                We Provide The Global Ghost Team™s

You are now among other leaders in industry, technology, and government who want to know how well their technical and human-based security controls can hold up to a sophisticated attack. They rely on Ranger Exploits 100% successful track record of penetrating systems using technical exploits and social engineering to expose vulnerabilities. Due to our unique positioning within the industry, we are able to provide the most advanced and comprehensive analysis, recommendations, and support available. Ranger, our founder and namesake, is the team leader. He instilled the term “Social engineering” into the world’s security lexicon. Recognized as a world authority on hacking, Ranger has his team employ his methodologies and techniques (many not publicly known) in a manner that is the recognized standard for achievement.

Pricing Tables & Other Features

Compatible With All RATs/Stealer/Botnets & 24/7 Friendly Support

  • Silent Word Exploit
    • $ 1.400 LifeTime
      • Windows: XP/7/8/8.1/10
      • CVE-2016-0012 + CVE-2015-1641
      • Office Version 2003-2016
      • Results Scan 0/35 FUD
      • Method : Embedded
      • Encoded Power By Python

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  • Silent PDF Exploit
    • $ 1.900 LifeTime
      • Windows: XP/7/8/8.1/10
      • Max File Size: 1.5MB
      • All Adobe Versions before 11.1.16
      • Results Scan 0/35 FUD
      • Method : Embedded
      • Encoded Power By Python

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  • Silent Excel Exploit
    • $ 1.100 LifeTime
      • Windows: XP/7/8/8.1/10
      • Update CVES 2015/2016
      • Office Version 2003-2016
      • Results Scan 0/35 FUD
      • Method : Embedded
      • Encoded Power By Python

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  • Silent PPT Exploit
    • $ 900 LifeTime
      • Windows: XP/7/8/8.1/10
      • CVE-2014-4114
      • Office Version 2003-2016
      • Results Scan 0/35 FUD
      • Method : Embedded
      • Encoded Power By Python

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We believe in partnering with our clients, not just doing business with them. Our culture thrives on innovating new ways to solve their biggest challenges.

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